The Night Falls is a new dance-driven blend of dance, opera, and musical theater choreographed and directed by Troy Schumacher (NYC Ballet), with book and lyrics by Karen Russell (Swamplandia!), music and lyrics by Ellis Ludwig-Leone (San Fermin), and set design by Jason Ardizzone-West (Jesus Christ Superstar NBC).

At times of great crisis, the Sirens emerge from the depths. They sing to the lonely, the desperate, the lost. Isolated people across America begin to hear a dangerously beautiful music in their sleep—a song that spirals toward oblivion. Its shattering pitch sends their souls into exile, dividing the part of them that wants to live from the part that longs to fall.

Our three haunted principals—George, Felisberto, and Angela—begin to suspect that the Sirens are summoning them to a Floridian tourist trap called “The Night Falls”: a derelict campground and watery grotto, home of “the world’s eeriest echoes.” Once there, each discovers they are not alone—and that they have so much more than a nightmare in common.

Odysseus, in the original myth, withstood the Sirens’ cries by lashing himself to his mast. In our story, these broken people tether themselves to one another. The Night Falls is an evening-length multi-genre piece that blends opera, dance, and theater together to tell a new myth for our fractured era. It asks if art and community can successfully combat nihilism and despair—and if humble humans can brace themselves against the song of the Sirens.

Staged for 9 dancers, 9 singers, and musical ensemble, The Night Falls will run approximately 90 minutes with no intermission.

The Night Falls was developed during a Project Springboard: Developing Dance Musicals 2018 residency.